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A Stone is a Story

Follow a stone’s journey through time as it faces ice, water, wind, and scorching heat in this beautiful nonfiction picture book that is Seeds Move! meets A Stone Sat Still.

Written by Leslie Barnard Booth

Illustrated by Marc Martin

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

In Stores: October 3, 2023

Length: 40 pages

ISBN13: 9781534496941

Grades: P - 3

Ages 4 - 8


“Where do rocks come from?” 


The answer may be more incredible than you think! After all, a stone is not just a stone: a stone is a story. Embark on a journey across time to see how one stone can change and transform, from magma under Earth's crust, to the sand swept up by a rushing river, to the very heart of the tallest mountain. Watch what happens when rain, ice, and wind mold this rock into something new, something you might even hold in your hand—something full of endless possibility. 


Complete with additional information about geology and the rock cycle, this lyrical and captivating story invites readers to experience the wonder of the natural world, and to see—in every cliff, pebble, and stone—a window into Earth’s deep past.  

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The Story Behind the Story

Read my guest post about the geology of Iceland and its connection to A Stone Is a Story here.

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Teaching with A Stone Is a Story

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One Day This Tree Will Fall

Coming in Spring 2024

written by Leslie Barnard Booth
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