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Cover of the nonfiction picture book One Day This Tree Will Fall by Leslie Barnard Booth, illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman. Shows huge old-growth evergreen tree with broken branches, green growth, holes, and rot. Shows wildlife that benefit from old-growth trees, such as squirrel, pileated woodpecker, butterfly, and beetle.

Discover how a tree’s wounds and decay bring new life to the forest ecosystem in this lyrical nonfiction picture book for fans of Because of an Acorn and A Stone Sat Still.

Written by Leslie Barnard Booth

Publisher: Simon & Schuster/McElderry

In Stores: March 26, 2024

Length: 40 pages

ISBN13: 9781534496965

Grades: P - 3

Ages 4 - 8

When a tree falls, is its story over?

There are many ways a tree’s story could end: Gobbled up by a bird as a tiny seed. Damaged by wind or ice or fire. Chopped down and hauled away. But some trees—this tree—survives. And grows old. Riddled with scars, cracks, and crevices, it becomes a place creatures large and small call home.

One day, after standing tall for centuries, this tree will fall. But even then, is its story over? Or will it continue to nurture the forest and its creatures for many years to come? Complete with additional information about the role trees play in a forest ecosystem, this sweeping story invites readers of all ages to celebrate the incredible life cycle and afterlife of trees.

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"Lively, poetic writing and beautiful illustrations . . . combine for a volume perfect for reading aloud, and not only in science classes. Even the youngest of readers and listeners will grasp the concepts of ecosystems and the continuity of life. A model of what an excellent STEM-focused picture book can be . . . "

One Day This Tree Will Fall_seed growing 1.jpg

"A lyrical evocation of an essential natural cycle."

One Day This Tree Will Fall_ Tree Life Cycle 2_.jpg

"Celebrating the interdependence of living things within their ecosystem, this well-crafted picture book reads aloud beautifully."

One Day This Tree Will Fall_Tree Life Cycle 3.jpg
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