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Standards-based learning for grades pre-k through 4

Where Do Rocks Come From? — Reading to Learn

Grades: PreK, K, 1

ELOF, Common Core

Educator Guide

Main Topic and Details

My Stone's Story

Educator guide with cover of A Stone Is a Story.
Main Topic and Details printable
My Stone's Story printable

Do Rocks Change or Stay the Same? — Earth Events

Grade: 2

NGSS: 2-ESS1-1
Common Core: RI.2.4, W.2.8

Educator Guide

Earth Events Video

Answer Key:
Fast or Slow?

My Stone's Story
(2nd Grade)

Image of My Stone's Story printable. An activity or worksheet for children. Blank spaces for writing your own stone's story. A template to go with the picture book A Stone Is a Story.
Earth Events video
Fast or Slow activity. Geology and Earth science activity to go with A Stone Is a Story. Printable for educators.

Fast or Slow?

Fast or Slow printable_Grade 2

Earth Events Interview

Earth Events Interview printable for educators. A worksheet with mountains and questions to ask about Earth events and Earth science.
Educator Guide with image of cover of the picture book A Stone Is a Story.

Mt. Everest Mystery — Fossils & Rock Layers

Grades: 3, 4

NGSS: 3-LS4-1, 4-ESS1-1
Common Core: RI.3.1, RI.3.2; RI.4.1, RI.4.2

Educator Guide

Educator Guide activities and lessons for grades 3 and 4, to go with the nonfiction picture book A Stone Is a Story.

Mt. Everest Mystery Video

Mt. Everest Mystery video thumbnail. Image of Mount Everest in sunlight.

Cliff Study

Answer Key:
Cliff Study

Scientific Conference

Cliff Study Printable with layers of fossils, including dinosaurs and trilobites. Activity for kids about stratigraphy, sedimentary layers, geology.
Answer key to cliff study printable.
Scientific Conference printable

More videos and lesson plans about Earth, geology, and the rock cycle

Geologist Nick on the Rocks thumbnail with mountains in background.
Subduction zone diagram
Planet Earth held in hands
Mason jar stratigraphy activity. Art meets science project about stratigraphy, geology, sedimentary layers, and fossils. Showing layers of material in a mason jar with fossils embedded,

Art Meets Science

Rock Star Scavenger Hunt printable with boxes for small, big, gray, has a stripe, has spots, smooth, rough, shiny, multicolored, round, flat, fun to hold.

Scavenger Hunt

Metaphor Lesson printable about Natural Metaphors to go with A Stone Is a Story. Introduction and step by step instructions.

Metaphor Lesson

Erosion Lab photo. Photo of sand in a tray with rocks on either side, hand pouring water from a water bottle to show erosion.

Erosion Lab

Field Journal cover with rocks and a magnifying glass

Think Like a Scientist


On Teaching & Writing

Read my guest post for TeachingBooks about making space for wonder in the classroom.

Leaf with droplet
child smelling flower
Orange pink circle
Orange pink circle
Free Geology Coloring Sheets with volcano, magma, rock cycle, sedimentary layers, fossils, Earth's structure.

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