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Cracked Surface

for educators

A Stone Is a Story

Lessons & Activities

Standards-based activities for grades pre-k through 4

Where Do Rocks Come From? — Reading to Learn

Grades: PreK, K, 1

ELOF, Common Core

Educator Guide

Educator Guide_A Stone Is a Story_PREK-1_image.png

Main Topic and Details

My Stone's Story

Main Topic and Details printable
My Stone's Story printable

Do Rocks Change or Stay the Same? — Earth Events

Grade: 2

NGSS: 2-ESS1-1; Common Core: RI.2.4, W.2.8

Educator Guide

Earth Events Video

Answer Key:
Fast or Slow?

Educator Guide_A Stone Is a Story_Grade 2_image.png

My Stone's Story
(2nd Grade)

My Stone's Story Grade 2 image.png
Earth Events video
Fast or Slow answer key_edited.jpg

Fast or Slow?

Fast or Slow printable_Grade 2

Earth Events Interview

Earth Events Interview printable_image.png

Mt. Everest Mystery — Fossils & Rock Layers

Grades: 3, 4

NGSS: 3-LS4-1, 4-ESS1-1; Common Core: RI.3.1, RI.3.2; RI.4.1, RI.4.2

Educator Guide

Educator Guide_A Stone Is a Story_Grade 3_4_image.png

Mt. Everest Mystery Video

Mt. Everest Mystery video

Cliff Study

Answer Key:
Cliff Study

Scientific Conference

Cliff Study Printable Image.png
Cliff study answer key image.png
Scientific Conference printable
Mason jar stratigraphy_1.png

Art Meets Science

Field Journal Cover.png

Think Like a Scientist

further reading

Books to pair with A Stone Is a Story

The Story Behind the Story

Read my guest post for Archimedes Notebook about the geology of Iceland and its connection to A Stone Is a Story.

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More videos and lesson plans about Earth, geology, and the rock cycle

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